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Why Should I Service My Central Vacuum?


As with any high performance machine, a periodic maintenance schedule is something that should not be overlooked. Just like we change the oil in our cars and have a certified mechanic have a look under the hood, the same is true for our central vacuum cleaners as well.

While we certainly do not rely on our vacuum cleaners as much as we do our vehicles, having your system fail you because of a simple issue is an annoyance that can be easily avoided. In addition to general annoyances or dirty carpets, a system that is not maintained properly can also have other, potentially unseen consequences, such as dirty air or damage to your home.

Below we’ll break down the common service points we take care of during routine maintenance inspections and why they are important to keeping your central vacuum system up and running.

Clean Filters

This is a big part of the process and one that not many homeowners are not aware of. Most central vacuum systems are equipped with filters – some of which are even classified as self-cleaning. While these types of filters can certainly extend service intervals, they still should be cleaned by a professional at least once per year or more if you have multiple children or pets. This not only keeps your system running clean, it goes a long way in improving the air quality inside your home or business.

Clean Pipes and Hoses

If you’ve spent any time in and around your central vac unit, you’ve likely noticed some dust in the area. Given the intricate network of pipes and hoses used to transport dust and debris, this is an inevitable by-product of any vacuum system. While they are built to handle the dust and build up that comes with cleaning up our homes, much like the HVAC systems in our homes, having the pipes and hoses cleaned out annually goes a long way in keeping the system clean, air quality high and the motor running at peak efficiency.


Motor Units

Honestly speaking, these units are tough to kill and their motors are built incredibly well. That said, because these systems are often installed in basements or garages, a professional inspection is necessary on an annual basis as well. This allows a trained professional to have a look at the unit, the internal motor and all wiring around the unit.

In the cases of humidity, like we experience here in South Florida, or other factors such as rodents or accidental breakages, ensuring that the mechanical portion of the system is in working order is a necessity.

Overall, we like to think of routine maintenance and inspections as a responsible choice for homeowners.  As we mentioned above, with anything that we rely on daily and that has a motor, it’s always worth having a trained professional look at it every once in a while.  If you think too much time has passed since someone had a look at your system, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

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