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Vacuuming your house can be a difficult job! These tips will help you when using your bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner.


Sticky stains and spills need to be cleaned off before vacuuming the rest of the room. Your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to clean the floor properly if there is too much debris on it. Spot treating the area first will help prevent damage to the vacuum. Make sure to remove any string or cords before using your vacuum. Anything other than dust or dirt might damage your vacuum cleaner if get into it.


Dust and dirt collects under furniture. Vacuum up the mess! Allergens in the house increase when there’s too much dust and dirt. Cleaning often helps to reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your home. For these reasons, consider vacuuming underneath your furniture once or twice a month.


Don’t forget to empty the dirt cup or vacuum bags of your vacuum frequently. If they are not empty, the vacuum may lose suction power and you might even damage it.


Vacuum multiple times in the same spot, then do it again, but from different angles. Go over the area once more before removing the vacuum cleaner. The high-traffic areas usually hold more dirt than other areas.


Pet hair should be removed by hand or with a brush. Run the vacuum over the area several times until there is nothing left. This will help prevent any dirt or dust from getting stuck into your carpet fibers


When your floor coverings start looking dirty, they’re probably so covered with dust and dirt that you need them cleaned, rather than just vacuumed. Make this chore a part of the regular cleaning routine, frequent vacuuming makes a big difference.


Use the right tools! If you are cleaning your hardwood floors, use a brush with soft bristles. For the hard-to-reach spots, use the crevice tool. A rotating brush might help with deep cleanings.


Cleaning food spill or even liquid spills might be a problem. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking up liquids and wet things, such as fruits and other types of food. If you have a dry vacuum you most likely will damage it.

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