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Central Vacuum Installation Methods


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Central vacuum cleaners (commonly referred to as built-in vacuum system) can make a huge impact on the environment of your home by improving cleanliness and reducing allergies.

There are different installation options available for new and old homes, how much it cost to install a central vacuum system, and which is right fit for your home. 

How does a central vacuum system work?

A built-in central vacuum cleaner system allows you to clean without having to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner from place to place. You can attach the cleaning device at the end of a light hose. Dust and debris go through the hose to the container. Small objects such as paper, coins, or toys are retained in the container while exhausted air is either expelled outside or returned to the room.

What are my options for a central vacuum system?

1 – Standard Inlets

Typical installation includes 2-4 inlet valves spaced throughout the house. Quickest installation. Minimal inlet footprint on wall (can be covered by a towel). Can use any number of standard hoses. You have options to include an electric carpet scrubber or a hose reel. Hose storage and usage involves carrying hose to multiple locations. If you choose a traditional hose, you will need to attach it manually to your wall every time you use it.

2 – Hide-A-Hoses® Inlets

You can choose options like retractable hoses, where the hose will hide inside the pipe and can be retracted when you don’t need it. Most homes need two inlets to cover all areas. The hose is retracted into the wall outlet. Fewer inlets means less work. Pulling the house out to any size you need, instantly retracts the hose. Hose is available in 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60-foot lengths. 

3 – VacPan Dust Pan

If your builder is experienced with Cyclovac, he might recommend a VacPan automatic dustpan in the kitchen, near outdoor doors, in family or living rooms, or wherever you plan to install hard surfaces.

You simply sweep, activate foot switch, and watch dirt disappear into vacuum port. Requires installation in a cabinet or wall. It may be retrofitted into homes with a central vacuum system by installing a new wall plate and piping. 

4 – Stretch Hoses

Installed in existing outlets, a stretch vacuum hose keeps things clean by providing a long reach. A hose that stretches from 7 to 28 feet. It costs less than other types of hoses and you can use it in any location. Accessories can be attached to the handle end of the hose.

5 – Wallyflex® 

Wallyflex is great for pantries, garages, and bathrooms. It extends from your wall and is flexible enough to reach any spot you need to clean. You’ll pay anywhere from $250-$400 for this product.


Expert Advice

Central vacuums are great inventions, but the pipes must be laid properly. In order to get the most efficient results, you need to know how many rooms there are in your house, and what kind of floors they’re made of. You also need to measure the distance of each room from the nearest wall or corner. If you want to install a central vacuum power unit, then make sure you check the dimensions of the rooms before buying anything! The cost of central vacuum unit varies widely depending on the size of your house, how much you want cleaned, and what kind of system you choose. For example, a hybrid model might run $3,00 while more stronger models could run up to $5,000 or higher.

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