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For maintaining a cleaner home, you need to have an organized space that is free of clutter. There are some simple habits for a clean house that can help you keep your house neat. Take a look at our list:

1. You can make a cleaning list with cleaning priorities to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you share a home, a cleaning schedule might help keep the house clean

2. Making your bed gives you a feeling of cleanliness and organization. This will help you feel more productive as well as set yourself up for success throughout the day. 

3. Put away the day’s clothes. If you are not going to use something, but i back in the closet or drawer. Is it dirty? Put in the laundry basket.

4. When you cook, put the dirty dishes on the dishwasher. Just a snack? Wash everything quickly before leaving the kitchen. Make sure no food spills are left uncleaned.

5. Quick clean your fridge once a week.

6. Get a cleaning caddy with basic cleaning supplies: a microfiber cloth, a pair of gloves, a toilet cleaner, a glass cleaner, brush/sponges, etc. You don’t need to go back and forth for products.

7. Devote five to ten minutes of your morning/night to fold a load of laundry, to clean the bathroom countertop or vacuum a room in the house.

8. Define a place for the piles of papers you use everyday or on a weekly basis, such as bills and any other information you might need to access easily. After the bills are paid, file them immediately

9. Keep shoes at the door! If you don’t have a shoe rack, put them in a basket near the front door. Your cleaning time will decrease, since this habit can drastically decrease the amount of dirt and debris you bring into the house.

10. After brushing your teeth at night, clean the bathroom sink.

After implementing these daily habits for a cleaner home you will notice a huge difference in the entire house!

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