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How to Unclog a Central Vacuum System


Would you like to learn how to unclog a central vacuum system pipe or a how to clear a clogged central vac line?

Unclogging a central vacuum system is easy once you know how. You should use this method if your central vacuum system is clogged. It will save you money and time by preventing damage to the motor. The clog can be anything, from larger dirt particles, to pet hair or even a dirty filter. For that reason, before you do anything else, turn off you central unit and check your filter.

Is it dirty? Clean it up and but it back or replace it. Turn on your central unit back on and check if it is still clogged. If the answer is yes, follow the steps: 

1. Find the inlet valve that has the clog by simply attaching a hose to it to see which one has poor suction.

2. After finding the inlet valve, turn off your central vacuum system, get a portable vacuum and connect vacuum hose to the clogged inlet valve. Ensure that there is a tight seal between the hose and the inlet.

3. Turn on the portable vacuum. Place your hand on the end handle end and let the pressure build for a few seconds.

4. Quick release and repeat. It may not clear the clog at first, so you might keep on doing it for about ten minutes. If nothing comes out after 10 minutes, then try turning your central vacuum back on again. This can help unblock the clog.

5. Run electricians fish-tape or a plumbers snake and try to hook the object/clog.

6. Once you have hooked the object, pull it out slowly.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 until all the clogs are removed.

If you still can’t unclog the inlet valve, then its best to call an expert who knows how to do it right. A professional will have no problems with getting rid of the clog. They may also check all the the whole central unit to make sure that the vacuum motor was not damaged and nothing else is out of place.

Make sure that you always read the user’s manual before turning your central unit on and off. 

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