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Attachments that will make vacuuming easier


Vacuuming is a job that needs the right tools. Vacuum attachments can make your job easier and the rooms cleaner. Did you know you can shop vac attachments for vacuums to extend their reach for higher spots, to clean blinds, pet hair, fabrics, and so on? Hey are available for many different types of vacuum cleaners, such as upright vacuums, canister vacuum and handheld vacuums.

Here are 5 vacuum attachments that we think every home should have:

1) The crevice tool

2) The flexible hose attachment

3) The upholstery tool

4) The dusting brush

5) The window cleaning tool

You might even have some of these attachments already and don’t know how to use them! Here’s a quick overview of each one them. Make sure you check the user’s manual for attaching them properly to your vacuum cleaner! 


The crevice tool is essential in vacuuming because it allows access to hard-to-reach places. It’s ideal for getting into corners, under beds, and that tight spot we never reach. It’s also great for getting into baseboards and behind furniture. It’ll get all those nooks and crannies without scratching or pulling up delicate rugs.


This is one of our favorite accessories for vacuums. It’s made from soft plastic that won’t scratch floors and it has a long cord that reaches almost anywhere in the house. It makes vacuuming easy even if you don’t live in an apartment. You can use this attachment with any vacuum cleaner.


Upholstered furniture is very common today but it’s not always easy to keep them clean. This  attachment is perfect for cleaning cushions, pillows, and seat covers. It works well for cleaning curtains as well. Do not be fooled by their small size, because they have a great suction power


If you want to remove dust quickly and easily, then you need a dusting brush. The brush attachment is designed to pick up dust and dirt efficiently. They help you reach high areas that are difficult to reach otherwise. This attachment is algo great for removing dog and cat hair. If you have a pet at home, you know that removing pet hair can be hard and not fun at all.

You can also find a hardwood floor attachments in this category. They are larger than the dusting brushes and look like a broom, but the upside here is that they will not scratch your floors.


Window cleaning is another task that requires special equipment. If you’re tired of scrubbing windows with a sponge, try using this tool instead. It uses water pressure to spray the glass clean. It’s quick and efficient and leaves no streaks.

The attachments will need to match the type of vacuum cleaner you have, so make sure you buy the right model. Make sure you always check the specifications of the tool. You do not want to buy a tool that might damage delicate surfaces.

And don’t forget to be careful whenever you are cleaning your vacuum cleaner, because the dust particles might want to fly your way! Make sure you check the user’s manual in order to do it properly!

Now that you got to know these five attachments a little bit better, vacuuming will certainly be easier!

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