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Are Airstream Vacuums any good?


The Airstream Stick Vac is extremely efficient and far more affordable compared to its competitors. It doesn’t compromise on quality.

These are the best cleaning products for the toughest spots in your house. Cordless models are usually lighter, so you can get into hard-to-reach places without straining yourself. It’s a good thing for everyone, but it’s particularly helpful for those who have steep or winding staircases.

Stairs are by a long shot the most difficult high-traffic area to clean, which is the reason they require a vacuum that performs exceptionally and is easy to both move and operate. Cordless vacuums are lighter than their corded counterparts and easier to maneuver.

Whether you’re looking for a budget buy or an expensive smart vacuum, read below on what to consider before buying.

About Airstream Vacuums

Recognized for over 30 years in the central vacuum industry, AIRSTREAM specializes in creating a healthy air environment by eliminating the harmful dust from ambient air that causes allergies.

Maneuverable and ultra-light, discover the Airstream multifunction cordless Stick Vac!

Airstream Stick Vac+
Airstream Stick Vac+

A new way to maintain the household

For picking up crumbs after meals or for sprucing up the floor before an unexpected visit, the new Stick Vac from Airstream is the perfect solution. The Airstream Stick Vac is extremely efficient and far more affordable compared to the competition.

  • 25 minutes of autonomy
  • 2 modes: air driven and turbo
  • Maneuverable on the sides and under furniture
  • Ultra-light: only 2.2kg
  • Simple and hygienic emptying
  • Stands upright
  • LED lights

Shopping for Airstream Vacuums

Canadian owned and operated, Airstream is a great product. They aim to sell affordable quality vacuum cleaners that can easily be serviced. Airstream offers affordable replacement parts for all their vacuums. They offer a wide variety of vacuum cleaners including canister vacuums, cordless vacuums, and central vacuum systems.

airstream Airstream AS200 Airstream Stick Vac+

Types of Airstream Vacuums:

Cordless Airstream Vacuums

Airstream offers a cordless vacuum that can easily be serviced and has a battery that can be easily replaced with a spare. You can now continue vacuuming after the first battery loses its charge.

Portable vacuums are usually heavy, smelly, and often leave you wondering how clean your house really is but this portable vacuum cleaner weights only 2.2kg or 4.8lbs.

Airstream Canister Vacuums

They’re a great low price alternative for what’s traditionally sold in bigger box stores. Like all Airstream vacuums, every single component can be replaced instead than having to throw something out because it needs a small part.

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