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7 Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems


Cyclovac is making house cleaning easier and more efficient than ever before, so you don’t need to worry about indoor air pollution.

The days of dragging heavy vacuums all over the house and having to deal with cords are over thanks to modern central vacuum systems. Cyclovacs’ built-in central vacs are making people’s lives easier by keeping their homes cleaner and healthier.

Cyclovac started manufacturing built-in vacuum systems in 1960 by Mr. Jacques Bruneau, an expert in the field of central vacuum cleaners. His goal was to manufacture and distribute a central vacuum surpassing all those then available on the market.

Now the son of the Cyclo Vac founder, Mr. Bruneau is the visionary who propelled Cyclo Vac to the international market. With many years of experience to his credit and his innovative approach, he insures customers can get high quality products for a long-lasting satisfaction.

How do central vacuum systems work?

Simple yet effective central vacuum systems can make a world of difference in your home. They can be installed within a day, whether it is a new build or a retrofit. Eke can speak from experience—she had the Cyclovac Alliance system installed at her home about four years ago. “It was a really great experience,” she says.

A Cyclo­vac system includes a power source, which is usually installed in the garage or basements, and two-inch plastic tubing that is installed throughout the house’s interior walls.

David Moore, COO of Florida Vacuum Center in Boynton Beach, FL, a Cyclovac Warranty Service Center says “With other dealers and brands, the warranty service has been lacking. The customer satisfaction for Cyclovac is truly special, resulting in an amazing amount of brand loyalty.”

Moore himself is also an owner of a Cyclovac central unit, so he knows the benefits. “We have one cat and a toddler, and my wife vacuums constantly. The Cyclovac powerful suction is super quiet and its extensive range of accessories, long hoses, and a variety of tools make my cleaning task very easy and reaching the most convenient locations to me.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are more reasons to adopt a central vacuum system.

Cyclovac Residential Vacuum Systems
Cyclovac Residential Vacuum Systems

1. They clean the air improving indoor air quality.

Tubing is installed through a home’s interior walls and crawl space, connecting vacuum inlets directly to the power unit.

For people living with allergies, a Cyclovac central vacuum system provides fast relief by filtering out airborne allergens. “The vast majority of our customer love the fact that they have a home that has no dust emissions recirculated back into the air,” Moore says. “No other portable vacuum can claim no dust or odors since all of them blow out dirty vacuum air.”

With the central vacuums, you don’t need worry about recirculated dust particles aggravating your allergies.

2. They are  sustainable.

Cyclovacs’ sustainability is largely attributed to its durability—you don’t have to go to a big box store every few years and purchase a new vacuum.

“Cyclovacs are sustainable, as they typically last for at least 25 to 30 years before requiring replacement,”  says Moore. “If you’re going to invest $1,000 in a Dyson, you could spend $2,000 and get a central vacuum system. Then you’d only be investing once. And you’d be enhancing your home.” he completes.

3. They’re quiet.

Vacuum cleaners from Cyclovac are much quieter than traditional vacuums and they don’t disturb the family members or pets.

One of the most surprising benefits of the Cyclovac central vacuum system is its silence. With the power unit located away from the house interior the noise you would typically associate with running a portable vacuuming cleaner is greatly reduced. With a regular portable vacuuming unit, pets often run and hid under the bed, but you won’t experience that with a centralized vacuum system.

4. They are flexible.

The flexible lightweight hose allows you to move from room-to-room without having to push a heavier upright vacuum or pull a larger canister vacuum, bump­ing into walls or furniture.

Moore’s family rely on its powerful motor to whether it’s to get bugs out of window wells or clean up cat hair. They love the gadgets, like the crevice tool that goes under her stove and refrigerator, they super recommend the innovative Vac-Pan.

With the Hide-a-Hose system, a retractable hose is also available for easy access when needed.

A common misconception around central vacuums is that people don’t need them if they don’t have carpeting. The fact is that you need a lot of suction and airflow to be effective. To get rid of the sand and dirt from the hardwood floor, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner. In addition to getting the dirt that sticks on the grout lines on tiles. We have many clients who state they don’t have carpeted floors so they only need a cheaper vacuum cleaner. Only later do they find out that they don’t pick things up as well as they are supposed to, and the cordless models only last for three to four years before needing to be replaced.

5. They are convenient.

Cyclovac’s patented filtration system will assure you a better indoor air quality. Its exclusive and innovative carbon dust filtration system captures that fine black dust produced by the motors, and usually deposited on walls and surfaces surrounding your central vacuum power unit. 

6. A Healthy Choice

Given its outstanding filtration system, you’re sure to benefit from a healthier environment. All models are equipped with a CyclofiltreTM that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies.

With the central vacuums, you need not worry about recirculated dust particles aggravating your allergies.

7. Warranties for Your Peace of Mind

Some models come with 10 and 15 year warranty, and all our units’ bodies are covered by a lifetime warranty, ensuring your peace of mind for numerous years. You can also buy a 25 year warranty on parts but this perk is  available with the purchase of a new Cyclo Vac unit only.

We are the local experts for installing central vacuum systems (also called built-in vacuum systems) and performing repairs for residential, offices, commercial in general, warehouses, veterinarian offices, doctor’s offices, hangars, and many more.

We also sell and repair household conventional vacuums. 

Our Central Vacuum Specialties: New Construction, Projects Hide-A-Hose (retractable Vac Hose), Builder Prices, Remodels & Retrofits, Replacement Vacuums, Service & Repair for all major brands including: Cyclovac, Vacuflo, Beam, Nutone, AirVac, Electrolux, and Central vacuum accessories. Contact Us Today at (561) 735-9988!

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