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Are Central Vacuums Still Worth It?


This is a question that comes up a lot. Whether on the road, meeting with customers or answering phone calls, a lot of people ask about central vacuums and whether or not they are still everything they were once cracked up to be.

While, generally speaking, the answer is definitely situational. Not everyone requires a central vacuum. Empty nesters, retirees, those living in small homes and those without pets might all opt for a more simple vacuum cleaning system, and with good reason.

For the majority of our customer base though, we continue to recommend central vacuums and likely always will. If you have a family, pets and a large enough home, it’s tough to beat not only the versatility of a central vacuum cleaner, but the cleanliness and air quality they provide. 

The Whole House System

We often refer to central vacs as complete home solutions. With intricate networks of pipes and tubes installed inside the walls of homes, these vacuums are easily moved from room-to-room and across multiple levels of your home.

Using powerful heads and lightweight hoses, these vacuums are easy to maneuver and offer a deep cleaning experience for both hardwood surfaces and carpeted flooring. 

A Lifetime of Cleaning

While they might not act an entire lifetime, central vacuums are incredibly dependable and long-lasting. With many units installed over 20 years ago, we continually see these systems running just as good as the day they were installed.

Using a proper service schedule and a bit of routine maintenance can ensure that a central vacuum system will last much longer than you can imagine. In addition to being well-built, they are easy to work on and with experienced local technicians (like us!), you can often have parts swapped out or updated with minimal disruption to your daily cleaning routine.

Other Unexpected Benefits

In addition to the above, these systems are uniquely versatile in that they offer the user a plethora of attachment options and accessories as well. Choosing from a variety of attachments that can be used in couches and other upholstered items, crevices in stairs and even in your vehicle, accessorizing is something that is often overlooked by new buyers.

Central vacuums are also an added benefit when it comes to your home’s value as well. For many, the convenience of having a pre-installed central vacuum is a definite plus. Without having to go through the installation process in a completed home, having an existing system is something new buyers will not likely overlook.

All-in-all, the answer to the question: are central vacuums still worth it?  The answer, in our opinion, is a resounding yes. The convenience, function and durability of these systems is unbeatable for those looking to gain an edge on the cleanliness of their homes.


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We also sell and repair household conventional vacuums. 

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