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Cyclovac – filtration system 101


Efficient Filtration Adaptable to All Needs”

Carbon dust filtration

Available on various Cyclovac models, our exclusive and innovative carbon dust filtration system captures that fine black dust produced by the motors, and usually deposited on walls and surfaces surrounding your central vacuum power unit.

Central vacuum systems are a convenient and efficient way to keep your home clean. A key component of any central vacuum system is the filtration system, which captures fine dust particles and keeps them from re-entering your home.

Cyclovac offers an exclusive carbon dust filtration system as part of their models. This innovative feature allows for finer particles of dust to be captured, such as black dust, which can often escape traditional filtration systems. The carbon filter also helps reduce noise levels, making cleaning more comfortable for you and your family. In addition, this features eliminates the need for changing paper bags–saving time and money on replacements! 

So if you’re looking for an effective solution to capture those pesky fine particles, look no further than Cyclovac’s carbon dust filtration system. 

Whether you choose a model from the Tradition Collection, or one from the High Efficiency Collection, you’re sure to breathe easier.

Efficient Filtration Adaptable to All Needs

Units with bag

For those who suffer from allergies or who simply prefer a more hands-on approach to cleaning, units with a bag are an ideal choice when it comes to central vacuum systems. These models come with a disposable electrostatic bag that can easily be removed and replaced as needed, making it easier than ever to keep your home clean and allergen free.

Units with filters

Units with filters offer a great way to keep your central vacuum system up and running while also being incredibly eco-friendly. These units come with washable and reusable filters, meaning you don’t have to throw out any parts in order to maintain the efficiency of your vacuum system. This not only saves you money, but it also reduces waste and helps protect the environment. 

Not only are these types of units easy on your wallet, but they’re also extremely effective at keeping dirt and dust particles out of the air. By filtering out particles that can cause allergies or other respiratory issues, these systems help create a healthier environment for everyone in the home. Plus, since many models come equipped with HEPA filters, you can be sure to receive maximum filtration power without sacrificing performance. 

Hybrid models

Hybrid units can be used with or without a bag, at any time. Their versatile filtration system perfectly suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re out of bags and you don’t have enough time to go buy some more? No problem! Just remove the bag adaptor and you are ready to vacuum!

Hybrid models offer today’s consumers the best of both worlds when it comes to central vacuum systems. These powerful and efficient units can be used either with a bag or without one, making them ideal for those who need a quick clean-up. What sets hybrid models apart from other central vacuum systems is their versatile filtration system that works quickly and effectively in any home environment. It also eliminates the need for bulky filters and bags, allowing for more space in your home and less waste overall. 

The convenience of these hybrid models makes them appealing to many households, especially those with limited storage space or busy households that don’t have time to mess around with changing bags on regular vacuums. Moreover, their smaller size allows you to store them almost anywhere in your home and use them at a moment’s notice – even if you’re not using them full-time. 

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